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In the legal realm, a drunk driving charge is also known as a DUI. This is an abbreviation for “driving under the influence” and usually involves the consumption of alcohol beyond the legal limit for operation of a vehicle. It does not take much to get your blood alcohol content (BAC) level above the legal limit for Oklahoma (.06).

The best defense against this kind of charge is avoiding drinking and driving altogether. Still, if you were pulled over, given a Breathalyzer test or arrested for drinking and driving, then Rogers County DUI attorney, Gene Haynes, can put his experience to work for you.

Protecting You In Criminal And Administrative Law In Drunk Driving Cases

For 25 years of his 35-year career in criminal law, Gene Haynes worked in the District Attorney’s office. This kind of experience has given him a thorough knowledge of what the most effective methods are in DUI and drunk driving defense and the protection of your driver’s license.

If you are facing this kind of charge, your rights need to be protected on two fronts:

  • Criminal case: Protection in misdemeanor and felony DUI cases require a full investigation of the methods that law enforcement used to justify pulling you over, collecting evidence (i.e., Breathalyzer tests and field sobriety tests). As your lawyer, Gene Haynes will develop a case that protects your rights, minimizes your sentences and fines, and helps you move beyond this situation with confidence.
  • Administrative case: When you are arrested for a DUI, you only have 15 days from the date of your arrest to request an administrative hearing and protect your driving privileges. Hesitation in this area can result in an automatic suspension of your driver’s license, and the suspension is put in place by the Department of Public Safety, rather than by formal prosecution efforts in criminal law.

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Every case is different, which is why it is important to have a discussion with an attorney before making any drastic decisions. Get the answers you need.

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