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The lines can be very blurry in domestic violence and family violence situations. One instance of misunderstanding can instigate a string of events that leads to substantial criminal charges. By contacting a Rogers County domestic violence defense lawyer, you can protect your future from the long-term consequences of a criminal charge.

Gene Haynes, Attorney at Law, in Claremore, Oklahoma, represents individuals who have been charged with domestic violence issues and violations of protective orders. These kinds of charges can arise from any kind of family violence issue that involves abusive, coercive, threatening, forceful or violent acts.

Family violence: In family violence, law enforcement can be quick to arrest individuals involved in the dispute, whether or not there is substantial evidence against that person. In many cases, police will do this simply because they need the dispute to stop, but the arrest remains a permanent mark on an individual’s criminal record. Gene Haynes can help you fight back against charges that have been placed against you in domestic violence.

Protective orders: Protective orders and violations of them are not always caused by domestic violence situations, but it is fairly common to have them coincide. In some cases, individuals have reconciled differences on their own, and failed to remember that a protective order is still in place. Gene Haynes can help prevent an issue of a protective order violation from spinning out of control and changing your life forever.

Violation Of Protective Orders? Claremore Lawyer, Gene Haynes, Can Help

Every case is different, which is why it is important to have a discussion with an attorney before making any drastic decisions. Get the answers you need.

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