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Anyone who has been charged with a criminal offense is facing some of the most difficult legal opposition possible. Prosecutors in criminal law have the state of Oklahoma’s resources on their side, and usually these resources outweigh those of individuals’ who have been charged with a crime.

More Than 35 Years Of Criminal Defense On Your Side

Your best chance for effective criminal defense lies in an experienced attorney who has built a reputation for success in your area. After 35 years of experience in criminal law, 25 of which were spent in the District Attorney’s office, Rogers County criminal defense lawyer, Gene Haynes, has done exactly that. He can help you achieve results in all types of legal issues:

While a large portion of his practice is focused on criminal defense, he has also effectively represented various organizations and agencies in state, local and municipal law.

In all areas of law, especially in criminal defense, there are important timelines and statutes of limitations to consider. It is best to contact an attorney as early as possible in the process to start your defense off right, but Gene Haynes can effectively take on your case no matter what stage of criminal defense you are in.

Over the years he has found that results are most often achieved with a focus on the facts of the case, and choosing your battles wisely. While he is confident and effective in relentlessly pursuing results in the courtroom, he knows that sometimes the best outcomes can be achieved through his skillful negotiations — getting you a better deal than you initially anticipated.

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